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Harbortouch POS system is the perfect tool that will revolutionize your business.The Best POS System ideal for mid-sized to large restaurants & bars.
Harbortouch POS
Manufactured by: Harbortouch
Model: Harbortouch Echo POS & Harbortouch Elite POS

Here’s How It Works




We purchase a set dollar amount of your business’s future credit/debit sales at a discounted price, we pay you this price in a lump sum cash funding.



We collect an agreed upon percentage of each future credit/debit transaction that you process. We do this directly through your processor, or we ACH the amount from your bank



Your future payments vary based upon your future sales volume— so payments are cash flow friendly!



We review your application and your banking and credit card processing history (if applicable) and consult with you on the loan amount, payment, and funding structure



We collect a set daily payment amount from your bank account via ACH debit



Your future payments are fixed so you can plan your future cash flow.

Compare The Best Solution For Your Business


  Merchant Cash Advance Small Business Loan
Minimum History Of Card Acceptance 6 Months check-blue.png Not Required
Minimum Monthly Card Volume $4,000 check-blue.png Not Required
Minimum Time In Business check-green.png 6 Months 9 Months
Minimum Average Bank Balance check-green.png None $250
Term Of Financing check-green.png 5-12 Months 6-14 Months
Minimum Fico Score check-green.png 500 575
Range Of Financing Available $5,000 – $300,000 check-blue.png $5,000 – $500,000


What Is Best For You?


Merchant Cash Advance

If you have a history of credit card acceptance, then a Merchant Cash Advance may be just what you need.

Your history of credit card volume is used to determine the amount of funds that can be advanced. A Merchant Cash Advance requires a minimal operating history and the lowest possible credit requirements. Your payments fluctuate, and are dependent upon the amount of your future credit card sales. The amount that you pay is either collected directly through the daily deposits of your merchant processing account or collected by daily ACH debit to your bank account.

Small Business Loans

This solution is ideal for the stronger credit profile, and business with strong consistent cash flow that desires a fixed payment structure.

Additionally, the funding amount is not limited by your credit card processing volume. If you have at least 9 months operating history in your business, and prefer a fixed payment structure, then let us quote you a Small Business Loan. Funding time is still about 3 days after submission of your complete application package!

Been in business for more than 6 months?
At least $10,000 in gross sales per month?

Your business is eligible for our financing. Seize the opportunity to unleash the growth potential of your business with additional working capital for:

checkmark.png Inventory
checkmark.png Expansion/Remodeling
checkmark.png Emergencies
checkmark.png Back Bills

checkmark.png Advertising
checkmark.png Equipment Purchases
checkmark.png Taxes

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Frequently Asked Questions


NO! There is no cost or obligation associated with submitting the application and accompanying information. Once submitted we will provide you a proposal for funding and you can make the best decision for your business.

Merchant Capital Source places no restrictions on how you choose to use the cash. Common uses include the purchase of inventory, purchase of equipment, remodeling, expansion, advertising, payoff debt and taxes.

We often offer larger advances, and loans, at better terms then our competitors and will pay off your existing advance if it is in your business’s best interest. Contact us and find out how much you are qualified to receive – please have your current balance from your current provider available when you call.

Our product is an advance, not a loan. As long as you qualify and meet our requirements we can provide you the cash very quickly without affecting your other obligations. Whether you have a secured business loan, a bad credit business loans or unsecured small business loans we can still work with you. Furthermore, because our obligation does not appear on your credit report as a trade line we do not encumber you and your business from receiving a loan once we are in place.

We work seamlessly with your credit card processor, or set you up on an ACH payment system, to take a small percentage of your daily Visa/Mastercard sales. There are no payment coupons, late fees or prepayment penalties.

If you have been in business more than 6 months, then we can most likely qualify the business for financing. Submit an application today to get the process started.

We purchase a set dollar amount of your future Visa/Mastercard sales at a discount, in exchange we pay you cash today. Then, through an automated process, we seamlessly collect the set dollar amount by taking a small percentage from each of your future Visa/Mastercard sales. Our merchant cash advances are a terrific alternative to those who have been unsuccessful in obtaining business loans.

We are not a traditional source of financing! No hoops to jump through, no tax returns, no personal liens, no cumbersome fixed loan repayments keeping you up at night and no bankers saying “no.“ Unlike traditional loans, there are no fixed payments to worry about. We simply buy a portion of your future Visa/Mastercard receipts; in exchange we pay you cash today and, here is the best part, we only get paid as quickly as your business allows. In other words, the amount that you pay MCS each month is determined by how well your business performs. We are true partners in your success.

Merchant Capital Source approves applications within 24 hours and funds within 5 business days. Unlike banks and finance companies; that may take weeks to obtain or even receive an answer, we work quickly to get you the cash you need.

We send you a monthly statement. You can also track your payments through our secure merchant web login.

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